The Youth Commission is made up of youth representing each district in Harford County, as well as representatives from the Sheriff's Office, Board of Education, Office of Drug Control Policy, Local Management Board and a number of youth serving organizations. The Youth Commission is always interested in additional youth representatives. If you would like to be a part of this group, please contact the Department of Community Services via phone at 410-638-3389 or by email.

One Designee from the following Organizations:        All Terms Expire December 3, 2018

 The Sheriff or Designee

Captain W. Michael Crabbs


Harford County Community Services

Office of Drug Control Policy

 Tara R. Lathrop, Chair


Harford County Board of Education

Mary K. Malone

Harford County Local Management Board

Mrs. Silvana Bowker


Twelve Members Who Represent Organizations That Provide Youth Services:

Home School Association

Cynthia L. Warner


The ARC Northern Chesapeake Region

Jamie L. Stoner


Harford Community College

Jennie Lynn Towner


Harford County Public Library

Bethany Ann Vangrin


Susquehanna Workforce Network, Inc.

Linda D. Siegel


Boys & Girls Club of Harford County

Otelia Brannigan


Black Youth in Action

Bonita C. Holland-Buchanan


Highland School Board Member

Jonathan C. Grimmel

Law Office of Donald J. Arnold

Paul J. Gonzalez


Bel Air Athletic Club Parent Organization

Paul M. Catrambone



Melynda G. Velez


Citizen Representative

Michelle K. Urbanski

Student Representatives:

Council President Richard C. Slutzky

Abel Giday Amdetsyon


Councilman Michael Perrone, District A

Emma Marie Blasdell


Councilman Joseph Woods, District B

Jared Thomas Richard


Councilman James McMahan, Jr., District C

Michael Jacob Lebron


Councilman Chad Shrodes, District D

Anne Hope Rutledge Maxwell


Councilman Patrick Vincenti, District E

Anne Elizabeth Capozzoli


Councilman Curtis Beulah, District F

Courtney Amber Hamilton