Fast Track Permitting

Fast Track facilitates the issuance of all required commercial permits in a timely manner so that construction can be initiated quickly and all deadlines and commitments can be realized. All requests are subject to review, and the process requires extensive cooperation and communication between the County and the company's representatives.

"Some people claim to have a Fast Track, but Harford County is the first place I've been
involved with that had excellent cooperation between the town, county, and state,"
said a Frito-Lay official who scouted 20 sites before selecting Harford County.
"If they didn't have Fast Track, we wouldn't be there."

Criteria for Approval includes:

  • Number of jobs the project will create
  • Types of jobs that will be created and salaries/benefits associated with them
  • Capital investment for the project and how it will affect county infrastructure
  • Location of the project 

Examples of Fast Track Projects

  • Bottcher America
  • Chesapeake Associated Enterprises, Inc.
  • Chesapeake Testing
  • Citrus and Allied Essences, Inc.
  • Clark World Wide
  • Clorox Company
  • Frito-Lay - Aberdeen
  • General Electric
  • HEAT Center Educational Building #2
  • Independent Can Company
  • Kohl's Warehouse

  • Lifoam
  • McCormick
  • MCI
  • North Gate
  • Perryman Station
  • Proctor and Gamble
  • Rooted Bible Fellowship Church
  • SAKS Fifth Avenue
  • Smiths Detection
  • Upper Chesapeake Cancer Center
  • Waters Edge